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We unwittingly share our self-important lives, our beds, our skins with numerous bugs that have little artistic kudos, yet insects both act as a barometer for the planet’s condition and will almost certainly survive the human race. Because of climate and environmental changes, the UK is seeing an ingress of overseas insects that will have profound consequences for us: mosquitoes could bring malaria and West Nile disease, the Colorado beetle is already affecting potato crops, the Harlequin ladybird is a serious threat to our indigenous beetle and the honey bee is in dangerous decline.

The Bug Project was an Arts Council funded series of large, beautiful and impactful drawings and paintings of these and other species. The exhibition, together with school workshops, helped raise the profile of these fascinating and often maligned creatures in an original and thought provoking way. It was exhibited at the Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University in January 2010 and later toured the Haworth Museum and Art Gallery and the Steward’s Gallery in Clitheroe. Please contact me for further information.